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Ask The Masters, 2016-12-27 ~ Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

 Through Toni and Peter.

27th of December, 2016.

A preview of the Masters' for this Tuesday Teachings.

Confusion reigns in the life of a Finnish questioner who can't figure out whom to love, where to live, what work to do. The Masters characterize these uncertainties as chosen lessons and offer some suggestions
An English healer has doubts about her effectiveness. The Masters explain why.
Abortion is almost universally a heated topic, and a Brazilian woman has some questions that the Masters answer frankly. 

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Toni and Peter.
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The Questions: 


Never satisfied

QUESTION: Masters, it’s difficult to me to know which path to follow in many areas. I’ve been almost 3 years with my girlfriend, but I still wonder, if it is a right way for me or should I be with a man. Then my job situation is bothering me. I have changed my career, and I wonder if the change was right. I also would like to know will I ever find a job place, where I could be happy. It seems like in many places there are one person, who doesn’t like me and it makes me sad. I would like to be in a peaceful atmosphere. I also wonder, should I move to another city or should I stay here. Will I ever be satisfied? ~PäIvikki, Finland.

ANSWER: You will never be satisfied until you truly feel you are accomplishing something. You have many talents and abilities and no one thing is “the” thing you had wanted to experience. This life is about diversity and experimentation.

As you have guessed, you desired to try a life of ambiguity so you chose bisexuality. Nothing is right or wrong from a spiritual perspective, so see what makes you feel complete. Note that being wholly honest with partners is very important to prevent difficulties.

You are very sensitive – almost too much so when you allow a single person to unbalance you by their opinion. That is giving up your power to them and assigning control over your thinking to them. You are the same as they and need to have the confidence that what you think and feel is what you wanted to experience in this life.

Stop looking to other people to decide if you are doing the right thing or even if you are enjoying yourself. It is time to take responsibility for your decisions and let them play out before you rush into anything else. Not everyone is going to look at life exactly as you do, so don’t be surprised when someone doesn’t like you, disagrees with your opinion, or is outright hostile to you.

You need to increase the amount of self-love that you possess. Accept that you have presented an interesting set of circumstances for your current journey. Congratulate yourself on how well you have done up to this point. Rejoice in your future possibilities and learn to go more with the flow of the universe. Right now, you’re stopping mid-stream to analyze how you are feeling instead of just floating along waiting for the conclusion. Make things easier on yourself by letting go.

Need for validation

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been practicing my Healing on a big scale, the scale is so big that I lost where to send it next. Even when I say my prayer, every word I say, I imagine it and mean it from my heart. Masters I just need to know if I am doing it the right way. I doubt myself and just want some reassurance so I can concentrate on my next practice with healing. I’ve been working with animals lately to heal them when they are ill and it seems to work. I’m even teaching them to heal themselves with their own healing team. To some people this might sound complicated but that is just the way I am. Am I going too fast and far Masters, I’m a bit confused about it all or is this normal the way I am and always been? ~Sylrose, England.

ANSWER: Healing is accomplished on the Earth plane by a facilitator channeling universal life force energy from the cosmos and directing it toward the subject who needs to be brought back into balance. Healing has two necessary elements – the one who is channeling the energy and the one who is receiving it. The channeler can only assist to the extent that the client is willing to receive and allow a return to  “health.” The client can reject the healing or allow it for a while and then revert back to unbalanced ways.

All souls have freedom of choice. Some people are experiencing lifetimes of sickness dependency and do not want to give up their victim roles. You have chosen to help by being a healer, but whether or not a client is healed depends more on the client than on you. This is why you doubt yourself. You know that you have done everything to the best of your ability and your subjects should be healed, but sometimes they are not. Do not be vested in the outcome of your work, because you do not determine the ultimate results.

Working with animals is actually easier because most are animated by sparks of light instead of by souls, so you are not also dealing with individual life lessons. Animals want to feel their best so they take anything that is given to them, use it to feel good, and never wish to return to an unbalanced state. Training them how to heal themselves is like teaching them a new trick.

There are no rights or wrongs in the spiritual plane. You are following a passion that so many souls never find. Continue going as you are for as long as it resonates with you, but don’t expect to have validation. It should be enough for you to know that you are doing what you love while you continue to grow spiritually, and you see that some of it is productive for your fellow man and beast.

Abortion repercussions

QUESTION: Masters, I just had an abortion. Is that soul okay with it? It’s so recent. Why this repeated in my life? What is really happening with me? What does life want to tell me with all the situations and feelings I’ve been through? Should I feel guilty about this? Was it a boy or girl? I want to give a name. Is that okay? Am I destined to be a mother? Please, help me to understand all this. ~Uy, Brazil.

ANSWER: Life is telling you that you are the one who is responsible for the actions you undertake. When you engage in sexual activity with no true concern for the possibility of a pregnancy, you are endangering your potential health and terminating a fetus because you are not ready to be a mother. It is easy enough to take precautions, but you let your sexual passion be the only thing you have any thought of.

All souls have freedom of choice, even those who are just coming into your world. The fetus you aborted was just a bundle of cells to which no soul had been assigned. It was known that you would have an abortion because that is a lesson you sought to understand so that you would go through exactly what you are currently experiencing.

Take your personal feelings and examine them: the guilt, the selfishness, the betrayal. Do you want to be a mother? To be responsible for raising a child? To give up your carefree ways and settle down? The choices are all yours. Nothing is right or wrong from a spiritual perspective, but you are living in a society that has very strong opinions about the way you should lead your life.

Thinking that naming an unborn group of cells will assuage your guilt is not going to help you. It is a coping skill taught by psychiatrists to take your attention away from what you really need to focus on: Why did this happen in the first place? Stop living in the past and start living in the moment to ensure you will not find yourself in a similar circumstance again.
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Reincarnation Guide:

Flavia from Brazil asks the Masters: I know the energy that we think, we end up attracting. As the normal mother that I am, who loves her son unconditionally, sometimes I find myself thinking about situations that could separate us, worries of life, at the same time I try to send a positive thought, as if this thought quickly cleaned the Wrong thinking. What is the best way to keep these thoughts off, so that I do not even think for seconds? Do not ever go through my head.

Answer: The things that bother you are all ideas based in negativity. To stop them you have to concentrate on banishing negativity from your world. When you start to think about something bad, stop yourself and remember something fantastically happy. Begin each day bringing only happiness and joy into your thoughts.

Hareesh from India asks the Masters: My doubt is from my childhood onwards I possess more doubting nature. I’m shy and absent minded. I’m totally an impractical person. I compare things and talks impractically. I have more dominating sexual thoughts and depressing thoughts. What does this doubts and dreams indicate?

Answer: Everything you have mentioned says that you are a soul who came to Earth to experience lessons in the duality of the planet. You can only find out who you are and why you are here if you work with all these thoughts and characteristics, choosing those that allow you to learn something and turning away from those that don’t.

Luciane from Brazil asks the Masters: My children are discouraged with life. The oldest (11 years) demands of the studies saying that going to school is a waste of time. Cries a lot. Currently the only interest is to play video games. The youngest (9 years) is now more active and lively, but says that in life every day are equal. I try to be friendly and understanding with them, but do not know if I´m doing the right thing. What could I tell them? What do I could do to feel them happier?

Answer: They are making their own happiness and distress, but you are allowing it. When you permit your eldest to crawl into his video games, you encourage it. You feel bad and they sense that they are controlling the house, so they act in such ways to get you to permit them to continue. They are children, not adults. At this age they need direction, not being allowed to decide for themselves what they are going to do. Take charge.

Kari from the US asks the Masters: I’m confused in a state of my soulmate and love of him. I believe to have found him yet he and I always separate around same time every year are we destine to be apart yet connected?

Answer: You have found a soulmate, which does not mean that that fact alone should make all go smoothly. There is no such thing as destiny dictating what will or will not happen. It is up to the two of you to see if you have enough in common to make a goal of a relationship. You each have your own freedom of choice regarding the future.

Marty from the US asks the Masters: Is the advice I’m receiving leading to a better paying fulfilling job?

Answer: It depends what you do with the information you are getting. The advice alone will not bring about your desires. Use this to engage your intuition and positive energy to draw the position to you.

Virve from Finland asks the Masters: Does Finland and the Finnish people have a special role in creating the new Earth? A Finnish spiritual teacher once said when asked that Finland was left unoccupied by Russia because Finland will the Center of spiritual development. Is this true?

Answer: There are groups of people all over the planet who will gather together to have the energy sufficient to create centers of spiritual development. Finland has several, but not the whole country is involved. Russia did not see an advantage to invading Finland. As a country, Russia would be unaware of spiritual directions since it is embroiled in egotist judgment, the antithesis of spirituality.

Elina from Finland asks the Masters: I just want to know, is it ok to God and souls that me and my boyfriend just decided not to have babies? Everybody else but us are terrifying, why, why they are asking. And I'm so tired.
Answer: You are being blasted by society’s beliefs. Ignore them. You are not responsible to anyone but yourself. In order for society to grow, it encourages all people to procreate. That is no longer necessary as it was hundreds of years ago when the population was small and early death was rampant. You have freedom of choice; exercise it and don’t listen to those who think they know what is best for you. Take back your power and follow your own heart.

Pauli from Finland asks the Masters: What is a good way of meditation. Can you advise an easy way to meditate?

Answer: Meditation is as varied as the types of people on the planet. What it means to a person differs depending on what they believe is the reason to meditate. Relaxation, stress reduction, and balancing the physical body are all reasons people do it. The true purpose for meditation should be to make yourself available to communicate with your guides. You first need to find a way to clear your mind of all the random thoughts running through it. That is probably the hardest step. Try things such as repetitive actions, concentration on a particular activity (walking, swimming, ironing, or anything physically engaging), self-hypnosis, or releasing thoughts as soon as they appear until they disappear. The important thing is not becoming discouraged but using patience to reach success.

Kiran from Nigeria asks the Masters: I lost my brother and his full family recently in a devastating car accident. I agree it was their choice to go together. I am trying to understand the message behind this for myself and also my mom who is 81 to experience the loss of her son, daughter in law and the two grandchildren 14 and 11. Also what would be the reason they chose to go together? I would appreciate your response.

Answer: They chose to go together because none wanted to remain without the others. For the other family and people around them, lessons abounded such as survivor’s guilt, abandonment, fear of death, lack of control, and many more. This is a time to consider what the journey of any soul is to accomplish. What is a soul? It is much more than the human relatives you are aware of at any time. Go on a voyage into the nonphysical and establish contact with them. They will be able to advise you on all their decisions.

Cher from Singapore asks the Masters: I am weary. Sometimes I feel I am not in the path where I should be. I am lost. I feel alone. I sometimes think I will never find a partner or someone that I could connect strongly with. I feel so stressed at work and these days think I am not the person whom people think I am. Maybe nothing really matters.

Answer: Nothing does matter but how you feel about yourself. You do not love yourself; as a matter of fact, you do not even like yourself. That is where you have to start. You are a piece of Source energy and therefore are a magnificent being who is creative, unconditionally loving, all-knowing, and able to do anything you choose. The problem is you have to believe that all these things are true or you might just as well pack up your bags, go home, and start over again. Nothing is a matter of “should or will” but a matter of the freedom to choose that which you desire – so get busy.

Lavínia from Brazil asks the Masters: My brother and I used to be very close. However, in the last couple of years we have been emotionally and geographically distant. In the present moment he takes everything I say as a criticism and he is always into defense mode. He does not call me anymore and when I call him, he is too busy or too tired to talk. Why is that happening? We grew up together and I love him dearly. I would like to reconnect and get close to him. Please help me to do that.

Answer: Every soul having a human experience makes their own choices. Your brother is dealing with a ton of lessons that he fears and finds embarrassing. He feels so deeply for you that he does not want to burden you with his problems. This is all happening to him on an unconscious level, so were you to try to talk to him about it, he would deny it all. Give him time, and continue sending him loving energy that he may understand and be able to work though his difficulties rapidly.

Regina from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm in a long relationship where I feel very confused about what is going on. I don’t know if he truly loves me or if I love him, actually I think neither of us knows what love is. I had stronger feelings of love in my dreams than in the real life. I really try to keep this up because he is a nice person, and I think I'm the problem, not him. Please give me some light about this.

Answer: You are correct that neither of you knows what love feels like. You have a physical attraction to each other and that is what you are sensing. The love you feel in your dreams is the way your body should react when in the presence of someone who is more than just a physical release to you. Start a search for a person who gives you that type of stimulation if you seek true love.

Es from India asks the Masters: I've a man in my life. And we both feel we're perfect for each other as life partners. However we have impediments coming from our families. Are we meant to be? Are we both worth the efforts we're putting in for our future? If yes, then how do we convince our families to accept our decision?

Answer: Both of you chose to experience lessons concerning accepting responsibility for yourself. When you let someone else, even your family, tell you what you feel, you are saying that you are insignificant and they are better and know more about you than even you. You cannot please everyone. Who is more important: you or they?

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