Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Close and Personal. ~ Thought Adjuster, Anyas

Close and Personal.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas.

Oregon, US of A, November 2, 2016.


Thought Adjuster: “It is good to start each day by going within for your daily date with the Divine. Indeed, your God is at all times ready to speak to you in an intimate and very personal and safe setting. He dwells at the very core of your being, monitoring your thinking and eager to provide you with meaningful feedback whenever you are at a loss as to what to think, feel or do.

“Isn’t it a very comforting and self-empowering thought? The more you cultivate this match made in Heaven, the more you can maintain inner peace and make unrushed and wise decisions. Don’t you think it is a much better approach to life to start each day by attending your own Parent/Teacher conference? All it takes is to sit in the Stillness, state your intention and listen. This is the most life-transforming spiritual hygiene.

“In a sports team, the coach gives a pep talk to the team before each big game. Not only does he provide them with practical pointers, but his role is also to ensure that they are psychologically and emotionally on point. It is a fact that both teams will do their best to also destabilize their opponents psychologically as it can have a great impact on the outcome of the game.

“Many among you only have sporadic meetings with their Father-God — frequently taking place in a very public setting that is not conducive to personal confidence and to an honest and unrestrained baring of the soul. Such a God is a very official and intimidating God, perceived as aloof and out of human reach. The creatures view themselves as His unworthy subjects, too flawed to stand in His Presence and such public encounters fail to fulfill the longings of their heart. Why get a back seat in the Throne room while you could sit on your Father’s Lap in a private audience and have a free-flowing exchange, entertaining Him with your natural childlike demeanor and your spontaneous babbling?

“The choice is yours — forever. Why not take the first step and send out your heartfelt invitation? Aren’t you curious to discover the infinite potential of such a growing relationship? You’ve got a Friend.”

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