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About the Divine Transformer. ~ Thought Adjuster, Anyas

About the Divine Transformer.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas.

Oregon, USA, November 5, 2016.

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that Jesus acts as a Divine Transformer. Let us talk about it. What happens to your worries and sorrows when you turn them over to Christ? Why did He advise human beings to do so? What type of higher power does it activate? Those are questions well worth pondering.

“Jesus is an accomplished being of Love and Light. What happens when a pestering bug is drawn to the blinding light of a burning light bulb? It is no more. This crude comparison is meant to depict what happens when you turn to Jesus to surrender to Him various painful and debilitating emotions such as grief, fear, worries, anxieties and more. He has the ability to cauterize and transmute them in His Light. It could not be otherwise as any low emotion is a foreign body to His being and He can only transmute them into positive ones — those He is made of.

“By consciously and fully releasing them to Him, Jesus can lift the loads off your shoulders and recycle what is worthy of being transmuted into a higher form. At the same time, He can instantly deflect energies that have no room in higher realms — the rotten apples that could contaminate the whole basket.

“It is wise, dear children, to turn to Jesus whenever you do not feel right emotionally. By sincerely confiding in Him, you are confiding in a loyal friend — not a judge. Jesus will always take your side as He is your ‘pro bono’ advocate, not your prosecutor. He experienced firsthand the many facets of human suffering through His very intense life experience. He ‘knows’ your human condition and His heart is filled with empathy and compassion toward you.

“He is like a big brother who can relate to his younger siblings and give them hope and advice whenever they feel overwhelmed by what life is expecting from them. He knows of the eternal promises embedded in each one of you and will help crack open the shell of your inner resistance in order to bring them forth. Do not look at life challenges with a defeated attitude. Rather, look at them as promises — the promises of a better, stronger, wiser and more accomplished you. By handing your difficulties over to Christ, you can be assured that He will take them to heart as He always keeps His word. He will fill the vacuum they leave behind by His peace that passes all understanding. Isn’t that a worthy trade up?”

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