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Ask The Masters, 2017-01-10 ~ Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

 Through Toni and Peter.

10th of January, 2017.

A preview of the Masters' for this Tuesday Teachings.

A Canadian woman seeks help with meditation. The Masters explain why hers has not been exactly peaceful and encourage her productive efforts.
What would you do with a psychic gift you think you didn't ask for? The Masters enlighten a very sensitive UK man about the history of his "problem" to help him see it in a new light.
It is not always easy to tell fact from fiction, or desire from reality. The Masters must give an Indian woman a dose of (unwelcome) reality concerning her infatuation with a man.

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Toni and Peter.
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The Questions: 



Realization through meditation

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know the most efficient way to do meditation. I started to meditate a year ago and after some time I was able to notice changes in my life including physical and emotional. I have cried a lot since I started to meditate, got confused and I didn’t want to be around anybody. I guess I changed not sure if it was for better and at this point my marriage is almost over. Am I in crisis? I know it may take long time, but I still have trouble to calm down my mind and lots of times I feel that I am snoozing when I meditate but I am aware of it. Would you kindly help so I am able to feel more peaceful? ~Rachel, Canada.

ANSWER: The true purpose of meditation is to be able to communicate with your higher self, or unconscious, and to access both spirit guides and a review of your life without the conscious blockages that help you maintain a peaceful third-dimensional life.

In order to meditate, one must be able to shut down their thinking, reasoning mind, which is always “telling” you what to do and think. Some refer to this mind as a gerbil in a cage constantly running around on his exercise wheel, or a group of chattering moneys that won’t shut up. Shutting it down is much easier said than done, since you have spent your whole life depending on that noise for direction.

There are many types of meditation techniques, but some become so restrictive that you only spend time on perfecting the method instead of clearing the mind. These include the numerous breathing techniques, mudra or finger motions, chanting, and visualizations.

Attempting to shut down the thinking process may be accomplished with self-hypnosis or some repetitive body motion that engages the mind while not having it involved in conscious thinking. This type can be seen with walking meditation or possibly doing a labyrinth, washing dishes, or knitting.

Once reaching a meditative state, you may access the life lessons that you are working on. This can result in releasing things you have clung to that you no longer need. Frequently this release brings forth emotional reactions such as crying, laughter, sadness, or elation. It is common to feel “lighter” after such episodes.

When dealing with very emotionally charged memories, even your unconscious will sometimes disconnect so you don’t re-experience trauma; this will manifest as your “falling asleep.” As you have seen, touching your inner self brings about realizations that you could not obtain in any other fashion. You are doing great – keep it up.

Knowing the future

QUESTION: Masters, since my childhood, I have had visions of dangers approaching me in my dreams. I’ve seen earthquakes, or traffic accidents, or fights before they happened. Even sometimes, I feel people around me – their feelings how they feel projecting my feelings even sometimes so strong I’m not even sure I’ve emulated their feelings. From long distance friends in trouble I can feel they are in need of help and find out they actually are. What’s happening and how can I isolate it as it’s started to ruin my life. I don’t believe in coincidence as its way too much. After these things started my mother told me when I was kid someone in my father’s dream whispered my name before she even got pregnant. He was so afraid from the dream itself he didn’t choose that name, what’s going on? ~Matthew, United kingdom.

ANSWER: You are extremely sensitive to the emotional vibrations of other souls having a mutual physical journey with you at this time on planet Earth. When someone projects thoughts of what is happening to them, you are able to pick them up and almost take the place of the participant. With your ability to “time shift” – that is, to go backward and forward in time – you see the other person in situations they are drawing to themselves or actions the planet is in the process of going through.

You have the ability to continue “seeing” these projections or to stop them by blocking the connection. Be aware: this is an ability you were well aware of before you came, and you decided that it would allow you to help mankind if you so chose. You have already done this in telling some people about your “dreams” – which encouraged them to change their plans, thus preventing the problem.

While this is very unsettling for you now, it is a skill you meticulously perfected during a past life. Your thoughts were that it could be a neat adjunct to a career in this life. You could use it to become a reporter, an author, a rescuer, a counselor, or a historian. It is also like gathering a useful tool to protect yourself since you are aware of potential dangers you might be walking into.

The voice your father heard was actually yours. You had decided it would be really cool to choose your own name before you came into the body you now inhabit. You waited until he was in his resting cycle and then appeared to him and pronounced the name you wished to be called. You hadn’t anticipated the fright you would deliver with the name.

Reading sexual attraction

QUESTION: Masters a few days ago, I met a wonderful man – loving, honest and truthful. We could be with each other only for 2 days. I sensed between us closeness and silence and love that I haven’t felt elsewhere, apart from mutual attraction. Within this extremely short span of time, we were faced with extremely difficult choices and emotions as he felt committed elsewhere. I wish to what was the purpose of this meeting? Was what we felt between us merely sexual attraction? Are these feelings mutual? Have we known each other before? ~Bodhi, India.
ANSWER: You had a very strong sexual attraction to this man. You are a romantic at heart and saw it as an answer to your prayers for a loving, fulfilling relationship. You immediately began to dream of a lifetime together because this contact made you feel so good. Nothing had ever been this intense before, so you convinced yourself that it was something you had planned for this life.
For the man, it was also a response to his sexual attraction and really nothing more. This man is in a committed relationship and has no desire to leave it. When he found you so willing to follow your attraction to each other, he took full advantage of it even though he knew he did not want it to interfere with his current partnership.
You went into this affair pulled by your emotions and girlhood dreams of a fairy tale union. He was spurred on by a bout of sexual frustration that he had to satisfy. His thoughts were for releasing his tension and having fun with a very willing and attractive person.
He does not love you as you have convinced yourself that you do him, but he would have no problems carrying on together with you whenever you find yourselves in a same situation as this one. It would never result in a permanent, committed relationship.
This lesson for you was to be able to discern reciprocated true love from infatuation and sexual attraction – to analyze and differentiate the actual occurrence from a dreamlike desire. In a spiritual sense, this was an acknowledgement that the human body has certain needs that it is best to meet rather than always be left with frustration.
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Reincarnation Guide:

Alexandre from Brazil asks the Masters: I still have doubts about what would be the first and second dimension and how they are linked to our 3d and also if there is already someone on earth who is in fifth dimension, grateful!

Answer: The first dimension would be plants, which have no thought processes. The second dimension are animals who have some thinking abilities and humans who are totally controlled by others and don’t think they have to be responsible for their own actions (e.g., no conscience). Third dimension is souls having a human experience determining their human lives based on freedom of choice. Fourth dimension is where souls who have given up ego judgment now exist in unconditionally loving evaluation – they are still in physical bodies but commune with the spirits. Entire fourth is an area of physical and nonphysical beings: those just mentioned and souls who have left their bodies (died) but have chosen to stay attached to Earth rather than going Home (discarnates). Fifth dimension is nonphysical souls who are in unconditional love with Source – so no, they are not on Earth.

Anam from India asks the Masters: However hard I try, the distance between me and my husband remains as it is. Is separation a probability?

Answer: You have freedom of choice. He is not going to change in the near future, so you have to decide what type of life you choose to have.

Kassia from Brazil asks the Masters: I am 41 years old and would love to have a relationship and have a child. I get involved very quickly in the relationship, I demonstrate what I feel and I want commitment and I end up suffering because the person does not feel the same, it always happens. I am currently liking a younger person who has ended a relationship for many years but not at the moment. We are finding will I have a person who corresponds to me in this incarnation?

Answer: You have freedom of choice. Age is not something that should come into your choice of a mate. What is important is how you try to control the situation by insisting on all your desires without ever talking to your partner about their ideas before you push things too far. Communication, going both ways, is the answer to all your questions.

Lidia from Brazil asks the Masters: Could you please talk about global warming and climate changes? Is it caused by human, or it's a natural phenomenon?

Answer: The planet goes through a series of natural changes based upon the rotation of the planet and the relationship with others in the universe. The current behavior of humans on the Earth has contributed to throwing many systems out of balance, causing global warming by such things as massive carbon emissions. So it is a combination of natural and human causes.

Tatiane from Brazil asks the Masters: Since my first relationship it seems that I always attract men that are unemployed or that doesn't take their career seriously. Most men that I dated or had some interest were in this same situation. What is the lesson that I choose to learn from this? How can I break this pattern in my life? I want to share my life with someone who can be financially stable so we can build a family together.

Answer: You are so desperate to have a relationship that you have not been the least bit choosy. Before jumping in with both feet, test the waters by finding out more about the man. You go from introduction into seduction without learning who it is you date. Be more discerning.

Mi from Brazil asks the Masters: I am the mother of two children of different relationships and moments of my life. My relationship with my son from my first marriage is based on feelings of guilt, pain and control. I would like to have a better understanding of the experience and learning that we propose in this life - me and my first son. I am already tired of carrying those negative and unresolved feelings. I want to open up for a new experience in motherhood now with the arrival of the new baby.

Answer: Stop blaming your child for the activities of its mother and father. You have these feelings toward him because they are carrying over from the relationship itself – let it go. When you deal with your son, you are not handling the continuation of the affair. See what a beautiful person the boy is in his own body. If you wish to cling to your feelings about his father, don’t bring him into the picture with you.

Monica from Brazil asks the Masters: What is happening to my oldest son and how can I help him? He has been out of work for 2 years, he almost does not leave his room, he only cares about electronic music parties. I know he uses marijuana. Is this the reason for all your alienation and lack of interest in growing professionally?

Answer: He is lazy and you have helped facilitate this state. You give him free room and board, allow his disrespectful behavior without comment, permit him to have drugs and bring them into your home (potentially putting you at risk from the authorities), and tacitly support his musical party infatuation. If you want him to change, you have to change the way you are permitting him to exist. If you don’t set rules and limits, he will continue on with this vacation from life at your expense.

Bruna from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm 14 years old and I'm going through a selective process to study in a quality school, I then tried to ask my heart, guides and even my higher self how to do it in the best way, but I ended up not listening to any answer, as I can hear more clearly my heart and higher self to guide me not only in these choices but in my life?

Answer: You understand that you have freedom of choice to do what you feel is the best for you. You solicit advice from all over so that you don’t have to be responsible for the outcome. It is time to ask your heart, your soul, what is right for you and just see what resonates within you. There will not be a booming voice – or, for that matter, any voice – in response. You will just get a peaceful sense of what will work for you.

Lina from Lithuania asks the Masters: Why do I have a fear of falling and how could I to get rid of it? Forcing myself to do things I fear doesn't seem to work.

Answer: Forcing yourself without understanding the cause does no good. You fear falling because you died from a fall in a previous life. When this occurred, your last thoughts were hatred for the person who had pushed you off the cliff. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you think you are going to fall or you feel someone might push you, you panic, sensing you are being betrayed again. What you have to deal with is the emotions these situations bring up. This action was part of a lesson in dealing with betrayal, which you still do not understand. If you can realize this was something you yourself chose, you can release the stranglehold it has upon you. See this as a way to understand the actions of others – set up by you in order for you to learn.

Carmen from Brazil asks the Masters: I have heard many Masters have been talking about the proximity of a collective ascent, it has also been said that the ascension will occur according to the vibration of each individual throughout its existence. My concern, how will the children be promoted?

Answer: Each and every soul is on their own spiritual journey. When they have reached the degree of enlightenment they sought in their lifetime, they will move on. Some children come down for brief periods without having too much to accomplish and are therefore ready to return almost immediately. No soul has any influence over the growth of any other. Collective ascents are always by collaboration of the individual souls and are rare.

Tpr from Brazil asks the Masters: The presence of this man in my life moves deeply with my self-knowledge, as a mirror of the soul, reflecting all its perfections and imperfections, stimulating my evolution. We have not communicated for years, we meet again, but everything seems undefined between us. What is the truth of this relationship? Is There Love? Do we have any spiritual bond? Is there a possibility of union? Is it a passing soul that stimulates my learning? Why is he so closed? Am I deceiving myself about all this?

Answer: You are a hopeless romantic. He was the first man who seemed to be the perfect one for you, and you have not been able to let go of that dream. You had not made any contract with him to meet in this life or to have a major impact on each other. That does not mean that you could not get together. But remember, every soul has total freedom of choice, and he must feel the same way about you that you do about him for this to happen. At this time he has no love feelings for you.

Debra from the US asks the Masters: I am financially secure, no real threat of being homeless however the fear of becoming homeless is paralyzing me. I feel this is connected to my past life can you help me with that connection so I can move on.

Answer: You are correct in your assessment of the cause. You can deal with this yourself, under self-hypnosis or in a deep meditation, by willing to go back to that life so you may see that it was a lesson you chose and not something that is attached to you. Also begin to do an affirmation about your bountiful life. Any time you feel the poverty mentality return, stop immediately and ask your unconscious what is causing it to come out and you will be taken to the source. Once at the origin, examine and see that it has nothing to do with any life but that one, and release all strings.

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