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You Have Struggled Long Enough! ~ P'taah, Jani King

You Have Struggled Long Enough!

 Message from P'taah

Canneled by Jani King

 January 2017

You know, my beloved one, you do not have to spend the rest of your days driven by fear and an emotional reaction to the pain and terror and anguish that you hold within your heart. Now is the time. It is simply a choice and it is to know, indeed, that there is no struggle involved.

You have struggled long enough - eons of time. It is now time for you to change from 'human doing' and learn to be human beings with all that that means. What you are now is masculine energy. You are power/control directing warriors and all of you - woman and man - are operating in your masculine energy.

It is time for the balance. It is time for the Goddess energy of life within you to create balance, to allow you to 'operate from the heart,' using your logical mind as your servant, which is as it should be. The logical mind is there to implement that which is the desire of the heart.

What is occurring in your society is that you are slaves to your logical mind and the heart is hidden - shielded, indeed. So, it is to surrender to the Goddess. Is that not a terrifying word? You have struggled all your life not to surrender, not to give up and you know that is the only answer. However, it is not to surrender to anybody or anything, but simply to surrender to your own Goddess-ness. Surrender to the heart, to allow intuition, to allow the nurturing - the nurturing of you because you are worthy.

You are worthy else you would not be here. Look at the judgment you have about yourself. You know, outside of this space-time continuum, there is no judgment. There is no God sitting up there with a very large book, writing down every time you think something that you feel to be wrong or do something that you feel to be wrong.

You have never done anything wrong. You have never made a wrong decision - not ever, ever. The only judgment is within you and that is how you may know who you are. Look outside of who you are. Every time you make a judgment - good/bad, right/wrong - you know you haven't gotten there yet because it is simply a reflection to you of how it is that you judge yourself. It is simply that.

Let us speak for one moment about the good/bad. Nowadays, in this society, it is called positive/negative. And we eavesdrop, you know. We hear you say, "Oh, it was such negative energy, I had to do this and this and thus and thus to get rid of it." You cannot get rid of anything because, in these days of non-judgment, you are very busy trying to push away all the fear, all the negativity. The universe, which loves you absolutely, which is absolutely without judgment, seeing that will say, "Ah, this is wonderful. Look at all that energy. We will simply give you more."

So, as you are in the fear of lack - no money - what do you think occurs? The universe is very good. There is your belief structure telling you that there is not enough money and you are terrified because, how are you going to pay your bills? That fear is powerful, powerful energy. The universe says, "That's a wonderful energy! Here, have some more!"

In this world of polarity, it is always, always, always the opposite, so you may remind yourself of this. As you try to squash down the fear, as you try to push it away, as you try to release it - you find yourself getting more! You may say that the fear is a babe and the babe is you because that fear, indeed, has begun at your birthing and it has stayed like a babe within you.

Tell me, beloved peoples, what would you do with a babe? Would you push it away, squash it down, get rid of it? Indeed not; you would pick up the babe and you would hold it to your breast and you would say, "It is all right. I am here. You are safe." In that instant of embracement, the fear itself is swirled within the God Light of you and becomes love. You see, it is not so much of a struggle.

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