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Meet Your Innermost Soul ~ Owen K Waters

Meet Your Innermost Soul

by Owen K Waters

Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter

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Soul consciousness is the next step in spiritual awareness.

When you first enter the soul realms, they seem almost silent compared to the regular levels of spiritual consciousness. When I first experienced full awareness at the soul level, it seemed as though I was in a world filled with a light, silvery mist.

Gradually, as your mental senses acclimatize to the new level of consciousness, the mist clears away, revealing a wonderful world of rainbow colors, subtle fragrance, and gentle sound. You find yourself in an ocean of harmony, in the home of the beautiful and mystical "music of the spheres."

This is the fifth-density level of consciousness, which resides above the fourth-density spirit or astral world, and above our third-density physical realm. It is here that the soul aspect of your consciousness resides. In this heaven-world of light, sound, and higher mental energies, your soul works ceaselessly in support of your physical incarnation.

In our third-density physical world, it may seem strange to realize that another part of our awareness exists in such a heaven-world and yet it does. You can reach into this beautiful space at any time with the training and support offered by the Spiritual Dynamics Academy and the Ascended Masters.

In just days from now, you can be fully capable of experiencing the mystical realms of soul consciousness and benefiting daily from direct access to the insight and wisdom of your soul awareness.

Your innermost soul is waiting for you. Join us on the Deep Soul Access course from January 11th through the 31st at:

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