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Transition Advice ~ A Walk-In Life

Transition Advice

Posted on January 7, 2017 

by Dayna

Through my connections to other walk-ins, I have noticed how drastically different we are in how we handle and adapt to our new identities. Some suffer great loss and life upheaval during their transition periods while others seem to transition more smoothly. For example, I have heard stories from walk-ins who have come out to family and friends only to wind up being ostracized, cut off from family/friends, institutionalized, shunned, and made to feel they were crazy, schizophrenic or psychopathic. On the other hand, there are those who were able to more easily adapt and made changes to their life gradually with little upheaval in comparison.

If you believe or know that you are a walk-in you may have struggled with the issue of how to step into your new, real identity without inciting major life upheaval. It is a very scary reality for a walk-in yet there is an intense desire to be known for who you really are and to throw off the now false identity of the walk-out.

How does one handle the transition? There is no one answer to this question. Everyone is different. Not all walk-ins know they are a walk-in and not all walk-outs leave as soon as the walk-in occurs. In my particular case, I had no idea a walk-in had occurred. All I knew was that I was different and I felt compelled to be this different person regardless of how those in my life responded to it. This reaction, from what I have heard from others, is a very normal one. I was lucky to have understanding and open minded family members who did not immediately reject my story or experiences. There are many, unfortunately, who do not have support or understanding like I did.

I was reminded of how I handled my walk-in the months and years after it occurred. Perhaps if I share my experience it would help those of you who are struggling with the decision of whether to “come out” to family and friends.

When I realized I had changed, some six months after the walk-in occurred, I shared my spiritual experiences with my close family – mother and older sister. I knew they would judge me so I was careful how I relayed my experiences to them and made sure I had a way to prove the changes in myself to them. One of the ways I did this was by giving mediumship readings in front of my mom and sister to family members. When the information passed on was confirmed and future predictions came to pass, my family had no doubt I had changed. They may not have known how or why but they could not refute my claims.

I was lucky not to have been married at this time in my life and my decisions as a grown, independent woman were not challenged by my mother despite the fact that I lived with her. I put in my resignation at work and told my mom I planned to move north to be near my sister. I also told her I would pursue the spiritual path and she did not object despite her Christian background and related worries. I also told her what my new name was. I explained why I chose the name and how I did not expect her to use my new name. I did not force any of the changes to my identity on anyone in my family and as a result they did not enforce their opinions on me. No one questioned my sanity either because I was a psychology teacher at the time. It just happened to work in my favor.

I will say that I did not go into detail about most of my experiences with my family. My older sister got more information than anyone but even she was not privy to it all. I knew that if I told them everything that at some point it would be too much. My heart told me to be cautious and I followed it.

It should be known that I was a braided soul at this time and it was advantageous to me to be so. I also had not heard of the term walk-in and didn’t even realize that one had occurred. To me, I just had a spiritual awakening and was pursuing that path. I have been transitioning since 2002 and only realized a walk-in had occurred because my guidance finally came out and told me in 2015.

Even now I do not fully come out to everyone. The only family member who knows that I am a walk-in is my husband. He does not reject it but I am certain he does not understand it fully. My mother, sisters, brother, and most everyone from the walk-out’s life are in the dark to this part of my story. They do not know of my ET experiences, the Kundalini, or any of the details of what has transpired since I changed my name in 2003. They are better off not knowing the full details. I recognize they cannot handle it all and I don’t expect them to. Similarly, I maintain the identity of the walk-out for most of my daily life. I have never confided in anyone at work and it is rare that I share my experiences with family friends and acquaintances. I live a split life, or a life undercover for the time being. I am okay with this because what and who I am is not easily accepted by others and most are not ready to know. I respect that. Those who do need to know me will when they are ready.

My suggestions to all of you who are contemplating coming out as a walk-in is to follow your heart throughout the process. Your heart will tell you who should be told what and how much is safe to reveal. The transition process is not meant to be overnight and to rush the process is not advised. We owe so much to the walk-out and the foundation they provide us with. That foundation includes the family and friends, experiences, skills and life lessons of the walk-out. Disconnection, if deemed appropriate or necessary, should be done with love and understanding for all involved. To them (the walk-out’s family and friends) it is as if the person they know and love has died and they need time to adjust and grieve. Similarly, we, too, need time to adjust. So it is a win-win situation for all if we make the transition gradually and with love.

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