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A Vision for Artists and Musicians ~ Alignment Project

A Vision for Artists and Musicians 

 The Vision Alignment Project

In our Vision Alignment Project we are witnessing an amazing new phenomenon. You're writing the Visions! You, who are the experts in your fields, are sharing your Visions with us - and the entire project has jumped up a level as a result. As an example, here is a thoughtful Vision that came in from our friend, Will Magnus, a few days ago. It is a Vision for Artists and Musicians. Will says . . .


I envision a world where all artists and musicians are working; and where their place in our society regains the prominence it once had. (I have traveled in Holland, Denmark and Sweden and found artwork everywhere in the streets, while the governments there are supporting the artists with adequate housing and materials to work with. They have become the artist's friend and agent. This is a vision we can all aspire to.)

Worldwide, I therefore envision each country and its government, public agencies and corporations stepping up to the plate and restoring artists and their work to its highest calling so that it can envelope each one of us with renewal and admiration for the life experiences that their art expresses. Each and every day of our lives may art and music restore our faith in each other, enrich our visions, our ideas and our contributions for the Highest Good of all.

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