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Ask The Masters, 2017-01-03 ~ Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

 Through Toni and Peter.

3rd of January, 2017.

A preview of the Masters' for this Tuesday Teachings.

Life lessons - the topic never gets old, and the variations are infinite. All three of this week's questions come from folks struggling with their lessons.
From the UK comes a request for the Masters to elaborate on a statement of theirs that you might have read at some point. Perhaps their answer will settle questions for you, too.
A Canadian man wants to know why he's beset with fears. We hope he will be able to use the Masters' teaching to deal with and rid himself of them.
An American woman asking about her relationship with her partner elicits an answer from the Masters that should help her resolve her confusion and stand up for herself.

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Toni and Peter.
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The Questions: 



Signs of lessons

QUESTION: Masters please will you elaborate on, “Every fear and doubt that arises in one’s life is a neon sign that a lesson lies underneath. Go looking for these signposts; start questioning how you feel about each and what it is that makes you feel that way. When you reach back into the onset of these feelings, you will see causes that you can ‘work’ to understand and then release from ever affecting you again.” Further clarification, please, ~Pauli, United Kingdom.

ANSWER: Souls come into a physical body on planet Earth, which is the only place that negativity resides, in order to exercise their freedom of choice as a means of understanding what life lessons are all about. Everyone enters the duality to learn if they can recognize their essential abilities and strengths.

This is done by facing the things they have chosen – such as hatred, betrayal, guilt, self-deprecation, etc. – and then making the decision that they don’t need these things in their life, so they choose to release that energy and move into love. Once the lesson is acknowledged and understood, it disappears from that existence.
At first the soul is totally in the dark as to the fact that they have choices concerning their life. They think they are stuck with “their lot in life” and can’t do anything about it. These tasks they put in front of themselves, from which they seek to learn, come into their awareness because they create a sense of fear or doubt by their presence.

To speed up the process of understanding why you came to Earth, follow the origin of your fears and doubts to take you to the reason a certain lesson has appeared in your life. Concentrate on the fear and ask your inner self why it is there. Your unconscious will bring into your conscious mind the reason for that fear.

Generally it will have to do with experiences you have had in that lifetime where you didn’t understand why things were happening and assigned blame to yourself for the unhappy circumstances. Sometimes it is allowing someone else to convince you that you were not worthy of making your own decisions.

Accepting that all souls are the same – none being any better or more informed than any other – and that you must take responsibility for your own decisions if you are to become enlightened, you “learn the lesson” and can move on without its affecting you anymore. You have thereby released the negative hold that action had upon you.

Why am I afraid?

QUESTION: Masters, all my life I have secretly been afraid….Hard to explain but I feel you will understand with your insight …Is this something I brought with me or was it caused by an incident when I was 13 Is it something I was to overcome in this incarnation… ~Charles, Canada.

ANSWER: Take a look at the previous answer to get an idea of how a soul sets itself up to learn lessons. Fear, being afraid, is one of those signposts that you are staring at a chosen life lesson. This gives you the opportunity to address the underlying task, learn why you chose it, and release the fear it projects.

You lined up a series of challenges you wanted to experience while here. Some of them you programmed by the environment and characteristics you chose – such as your sex, location, family, family traits, and people who would have an influence on your life (teachers, preachers, and society in general).

In addition, you also made contracts with other souls to interact with you to create an atmosphere that would present individual situations for you to analyze and try to understand, and from which to learn. The incident when you were 13 was one such agreement.

Everything that happens to a soul having a human experience is for the purpose of learning who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities being a piece of Source allows you to manifest. Once you accept that this is so, you will be able to use this knowledge to understand that everything in your life occurs merely for the purpose of education.

Life lessons always come to the person in a negative setting, which generates fear, so that the soul has to work to understand how to overcome the negative and turn the situation into a positive. That is the definition of learning a life lesson. The result of understanding the lesson is a release of the fear surrounding the event, personal characteristic, or emotional disturbance.

Dealing with ego judgment

QUESTION: Masters, there is something I have struggled with throughout my relationship with my partner and I do not know what to believe. He stirs up my insecurities and fears. I would like to know whether there is any truth to those fears, or is it a false perception? I appreciate any clarity or assistance for this situation, and what I or we can do to finally heal? ~Holly, USA.

ANSWER: You must understand that all your thoughts are the result of lessons you wanted to work on in this lifetime. First off, you wished to experience being controlled by another through the actions of psychological and emotional abuse. You wished to see how long it would take you to honor yourself by stepping up to the plate and acknowledging (a) what you were allowing to happen and (b) that you are an equal with your partner and have a say in your own life.

Lessons of yours include dealing with lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth, and feelings of guilt for whatever happens to you because you accept blame for everything, even what you did not initiate. From the beginning of this relationship, you deferred to him on everything because you wanted him to love you and thought that he was so much stronger and could direct and protect you.

Your fear is real because these lessons are all glaring at you through the guise of your mate. When you think that he is correct in the statements he makes, even when not in agreement with his assessment, you give him power over you to make you feel as you do. Giving him that power creates an insecurity in your mind about what is right for you.

He is not doing this to be malicious. He thinks that, because you do not confront his actions, you are in agreement with his evaluations.  Nothing is right or wrong on a spiritual journey. All journeys are for the purpose of learning, so you can let things stay as they are or evaluate each interaction between you and see if it feels good to you. If it does not resonate within you, then ask yourself what is wrong and how you can change the energy.

You have freedom of choice and the decisions are up to you. Step back and look at your situation dispassionately; without the emotions, things will be much clearer. Then make a plan for removing the insecurities, emotions, and fears from your life.
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Reincarnation Guide:

Akeem from the US asks the Masters: I believe that God wants me for something. Things I can't explain have happened to me. Knowledge I never knew of I know now. Never study in school. I even spoke another language while reading the bible. What's wrong with me? Did God choose me?

Answer: You are tapping into wisdom you have gathered in past lives lived on this planet. All souls have these memories, but few connect with them. Nothing is wrong with you; it is a normal process when one opens to all their potential. You may go into the information or shy away from it – it is your choice.

Emma from Australia asks the Masters: I am currently studying an animal care course and absolutely love it. I have been unemployed for three months and just started the course this month. I feel like I am heading in the right direction and feel something is coming and I was just wondering if something was coming. Will I find my dream job soon?

Answer: You resonate with animals and it is becoming a passion. Passions lead to the best and most fulfilling jobs. Put your intention into bringing the perfect employment into your awareness so that you might connect with it.

Claudia from the US asks the Masters: I would like to ask how can I help my son to make the most appropriate decisions regarding school and career. I think it's too early but I see a lot of kids already working towards something. I see his artistic, creative side and on the other hand he can be very analytical and focused if he wants. Can you give me some guidance on how to guide?

Answer: The best way to guide someone is to point out their potentials and then step back and let them explore. Your son has so many talents that it will be difficult for him to settle on just one. He may do something for a while and then turn in an entirely different direction and find something else that appeals to him. Don’t put pressure on him to make a decision at this time.

Rita from Finland asks the Masters: I’m desperate with my son. Can you help me? I don't know what I should do. My younger son I have tried to help him and his godfather too. He is like 5 year old but sometimes, not so often, he can do things what he has to do. He did not succeed in school, do not get things done. I have to help him all the time. I'm so tired with that. What is the case is now undiscovered and what should be done?

Answer: You are acting as a facilitator for his dependence on you and others. It is time he was made to step up and take responsibility for his own actions. If you continue to bail him out of things he does not care to do, he has no incentive to improve. He is like a little bird whose wings are ready to hold him up but his mother keeps feeding him so he won’t leave the nest. She ultimately has to kick him out to get him to test and use his wings.

Anjo from Brazil asks the Masters: I met man and we fell in love. He had a mate and left her to be together, but he came back with her. This happened twice. He says he still does not feel safe to make any further changes. Does he love me or her? We'll be together?

Answer: This man is using you for extramarital sex and his own pleasure. He has no intention of ever leaving his mate, unless she kicks him out. If he did get put out by her and came to you, he would cheat on you with others because he craves variety.

Anna from the UK asks the Masters: I have been with my boyfriend for 11 months now. We are very in love with each other. Am I going to get heartbroken? Or he is the one for me?

Answer: There is no ONE person destined to be for you. Both of you have freedom of choice. The secret to maintaining a sharing, beautiful relationship is communication.

Lia from the US asks the Masters: Can you please explain to us Americans and the world at large the lessons in our very recent election of Donald Trump. I feel 'fear' and 'grief' for the first time in my life related to an outcome of an election. Why did our him into the highest position in the land? Many citizens are in fear for the first time, and it's not about the Republican Party itself this time either. What is this fear trying to teach us?

Answer: A large number of people decided it was time for a change. They saw the election of this man to be beyond anything that had previously been experienced. They were fed up with the status quo that was allowed to exist for so many years and wanted something as radical and unpredictable as this man and their own ideas. The complacent crowd procrastinated and thought all would be as it had been, and therefore many did nothing – no action and no vote. Everyone got what they programmed for themselves. Fear is a sign that this experience is a life lesson for many.

Edgar from the US asks the Masters: Is it true that there are many universes and that each universe has a god so basically there is a lot of gods all under one creator?

Answer: What do you mean by a god? Our terminology equates what most mean by god to be the creator, Source, or divine being. There is only one Source or Creator. Sometimes people call their leader, president, dictator, or ruler “god.” Other universes have leaders, but they are not gods as we define the term.

Debbie from Brazil asks the Masters: Can you please tell me which lesson I need to learn from my relationship with my sister? What are about those bad feelings? Am I being told for bad spirits to hurt her? How can I do my best to solve this? Why I feel so bad always?

Answer: You and your sister have had several lifetimes together and have always been the main antagonist in each other’s lives. She is acting as a mirror for you right now to show you how you have difficulty dealing with truth, jealousy, betrayal, hatred, and selfishness. Your response this life is to strike out to wound your opponent. Stop and get out of the ego judgment that causes your reactions, and step into evaluation to see her actions as normal for her. Love yourself so that you may love her.

Caroline from Ireland asks the Masters: For a long time now I have felt uncomfortable around my cousin HH. As a child I wasn't aware of any negative feelings around her. I cared for her like a sister. I only have brothers in my own family. I get the very strong feeling from her that she dislikes me intensely. Our mothers are sisters. I don't want to have a split in the family but I catch her eye rolling and literally making faces behind my back frequently. I'm not that bothered by this but I would appreciate your insight as to why she feels so negatively towards me.

Answer: She is jealous of you and fears that family members compare you to her, and she thinks she is lacking in comparison. Her antics reflect what she thinks about you – she is trying to get others to discount you so that she shines. Just ignore her; the whole situation is her problem, not yours.

Michelly from Brazil asks the Masters: I’m 37 years old woman and 2016 it was a difficult year to me since I almost did a suicide, I was in hell this year. Now I’m feeling much better since I was starting believe more in God and I’m trying to listen to spirituality and looks like I can’t. Please help me to understand what I need to do to be more connected.

Answer: You need to get out of any negative ideation and start manifesting the positive direction that you seek. You have total freedom of choice to be who you want to be and to have your world the way you seek it to be. Just release any negative thoughts, ideas, or actions as soon as they appear, and project happiness and fulfillment.

Pinks from India asks the Masters: I have these realizations in my meditation about LOVE & FEAR energies, I do understand and see every choice, action comes from either of the choices. Please throw some light on my gaining weight and not able to lose it, I want to understand clearly what this weight gain in my life is teaching me, where I should be investing my ENERGY and from where I should remove my focus from?

Answer: Acceptance is your current major lesson. Until you can accept that you are on a journey of understanding how your physical body is in synchronization with your spiritual growth, you will not be able to balance your life or change your appearance. All love energy is positive, and fear energy is negative. Release any connection to the negative and your life will change.

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