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Beautiful Infographic Gives Us 20 of the Most Inspiring Children’s Book Quotes 

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January 2, 2017


Oh, to be a kid again. Before all the problems and what-if’s and bills and burdens. Before our brains realized just how big everything is, and how much of it we can never possibly know. Life was simple. A little sunshine, ice-cream and good bed time story was all we needed. The future lay before us, wide, unknown and mysterious — but we were in no rush to get there.

Instead, we were content, losing ourselves in nearly anything and everything, such as classic books like the following. You’ll be sure to recognize, most, if not all of them, and even if you don’t have kids yourself, you never know the insights re-visiting them now could provide!
So, how do we not fall into that trap? By being aware and catching ourselves if we feel ourselves slipping backwards. I want to remind everybody about the Meeting Room link I put up at the top of the home page. It is a place we can all gather to comment about our feelings of what did or did not take place, to share our joys or perhaps our disappointment. I think the main ingredient for our success so far has been the various websites for us to go to to share what we are going through on this journey. It has kept us connected and out of that dark pit one feels lost in when they feel alone. We have been able to share our feelings and express our hopes and dreams and offer ideas for a new way of being in this world.
From here on out as the veil between the worlds thins to just a fine mist easily penetrated by those who so desire, I think it would be best if we kept close awareness of our thoughts. Remember our thoughts create our realities so what we think we will receive! I for one want no more fear or doubt so they will definitely not be allowed in my space and if they should creep in silently, if I am aware I will know and throw them out! Awareness is the key to this part of our journey. Watching our thoughts and words and always asking ourselves everyday, is what I am about to say or do going to make the world a better place? If not drop it! We only have a short number of days left to get right with ourselves.
So the agenda for now is to stay aware of our thoughts and actions and to not expect or assume anything in the days ahead. Let this journey be like a surprise party. If nothing earth shattering takes place we will not be disappointed for we have gained so much in different ways. We have made new friends, changed ourselves from inside out, we embrace love in our hearts and we feel compassion for the whole of humanity. Change so often happens in small steps that are not easily noticed by the one doing the changing, but it is occurring and we must have faith and take the time to look deep within and take note of what we have done and what has transpired. Love is exploding all around the world in small ways and random places but the important thing is, it is happening!
Blessings to us all,
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