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If you died today, would you have fulfilled your mission? ~ Owen K Waters


If you died today, would you
have fulfilled your mission?

by Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance

Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter
Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness
If you died today, would you have accomplished what you came to earth to do during this lifetime?
Would you have loved as your soul directed? Would you have seen the bigger picture?
Would you have made a difference in the world? Did your life matter and did you live fully?
Did your light shine so brightly that strangers noticed?
The Shift to higher consciousness is the reason that all spiritual people came into this life. Now is the time to summon the resources to achieve that overarching purpose in life.
Would your life be different the next time around because you have figured out the spiritual nature of reality?
Right now, you still have time to take advantage of the last chance for the foreseeable future to work directly with ascended masters on your spiritual growth.
We will shortly begin the Deep Soul Access course, during which the ascended masters will help you develop the ability to reach directly into the soul realms of consciousness

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