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The Universe Is… ~ Thought Adjuster, Oscar

The Universe Is…

Teacher: Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Oscar.

Alabama, USA, August 31, 2012.


Thought Adjuster: “How can you enjoy true freedom when you are tied by senseless concerns and anxieties about your future? You should know that you are destined to reach the presence of your Father in eternity. Nothing or nobody can prevent this as long as you keep in your heart the desire to be like God. The volatility of life in this world will not affect you too much if you focus on your center — the Divine Spirit Within — which is the only unmoving, constant and eternal foundation you will find in your life.

“Many of the problems of this world are caused by the fear that runs rampant among the mortals of this planet. Often those who accumulate wealth and struggle to keep an unfair advantage over their peers do this not because they mean to do evil. They act in this way because of their fear of losing what they believe will provide them with security and happiness. To them I say that those things which you hold so desperately in your grasp will be lost, maybe during your mortal life or at the time of your death, since none of the material things you accumulate in this world will be of any use in the next.

“However, there are many among you who have started to taste the elixir of true freedom. There are some who live increasingly free of fear and for whom the future can only be better. They know that regardless of what happens, they will keep growing in spirit and gaining a better appreciation of the universal reality. There are a few who see life as an adventure, where each mystery behind the next corner has the potential of opening a greater door to contemplate the wonders of the Father. These are the fortunate ones who have managed to overcome the instinct of animal fear from their ancestors and who have the potential to change the world.

“Those who overcome their animal fear become unstoppable in living the divine will. Those also become a threat to the ones who try to control the multitudes with the goal of sustaining their own status and power. Those who know very well that money and material things have nothing to do with real and lasting happiness or with a satisfactory life can neither be bought nor controlled by the fearful of this earth. This is the freedom that Michael promised. This is the life our Father wants to offer to all His offspring.

“Contrary to what the experiences of many in this world have indicated, the universe is a place filled with love, truth, beauty and goodness. It is a journey prepared for all creatures so they can reach their utmost potential and experience with increasing clarity the unconditional love of their Father. It is a safe place where nobody or nothing can cause you any real harm. Your life — your eternal life — is always in your hands and under your control and it is the power of your decisions that determines your success in your eternal life. You and only you can choose to reach the goal or to perish, so forget your fears and begin to enjoy the divine grace and the joy of being a child of the Creator.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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