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Yahweh Isn’t God – The Bible Doesen’t Talk About God !!! ~ Mauro Biglino

Yahweh Isn’t God

The Bible Doesen’t Talk About God !!!

By Mauro Biglino

 December 31, 2016


Now this is a very interesting discussion that you may want to know about. It’s hermetical discussion, which is why I will not be sending this to my Southern Baptist mother! Why? Because Mario Biglino, and Italian essayist and translator, has directly studied that Bible in the original language.

For Biglino, through direct analysis of the Hebrew texts of the Bible, knowledge and understanding of religious thought is today more accessible. Biglino translates literally what he reads in the Old Testament, deliberately ignoring those aspects of the faith, reserved for the personal sensitivity. Biglino therefore proposes an examination of the Old Testament through the literal translation of the Hebrew text, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. In particular, he emphasizes the technological knowledge of those who, according to the author, would have created man in his own image and likeness. Furthermore, he shows that, in the biblical texts, there are references to alien craft – or at least to devices built using technologies not known at the time and not compatible with the level of technological knowledge of the period – and the presence of beings from other planets. In addition to the UFO theories, he exposes translations that differ in form and in content from those adopted by the major religions. In his book “The Bible is not a holy book,” the author focuses on how the divinity, spiritually speaking, would not be present in the Old Testament, and also questions possible changes to the text during the centuries.

So…now we may imagine the basis for a long-held societal belief system, that…may not be true at all! This information may, or may not, make it easier for many to make the “switch” from one belief system to another as our planet goes through a (painful) transition. Please share this with others, read the English sub-titles, and…

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